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Web Analytics Consulting

“We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge,” said Rutherford D. Rogers. And that’s how many organizations feel when confronted with their website analytics software. After all, data is not the same as insight. If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed by your web analytics, Orange Spark Digital can help.

Digital Measurement and Web Analytics Services

Here’s how Orange Spark Digital can work with you to bring clarity and insight to your analytics:

  • Digital Measurement Strategy
    Translate high-level executive goals into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are mapped to digital marketing tactics that can then be tracked, measured, analyzed and improved.
  • Google Analytics Auditing
    Review and audit your site’s Analytics setup, configuration, and customization to ensure the data you’re relying on is accurate and reliable.
  • Advanced Google Analytics Configuration
    Power up your reporting with custom configurations to track conversions, goals, engagement events, downloads and more. Accurately track visitors across your subdomains to improve attribution.
  • Insights and Analysis
    Dive deep into various analytics tools to figure out how digital marketing campaigns are performing, identify opportunities, and answer questions about what’s working for your users and what’s not.
  • Custom Dashboard Creation
    Develop easy-to-use dashboards that meet different stakeholder needs. Whether your executive needs at-a-glance access to top-line KPIs or your frontline staff need to drill down into specific user behavior data, a custom dashboard makes it easy to present exactly the data you need.
Melanie Phung speaking at the AD Summit

Melanie Phung speaking at the AD Summit

Why Orange Spark Digital

You should feel confident that your staff can turn to analytics data and clearly see how your digital efforts are helping you achieve your business goals. If you need guidance fine-tuning your digital measurement strategy, configuring Google Analytics to generate accurate and actionable reports, or pulling useful insights from data, we can help.

Orange Spark Digital will make sure your data helps you move forward strategically, instead of sitting in an unused silo.