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Read to learn:

  • How privacy technologies are creating challenges for Facebook advertisers
  • What the benefits are to implementing server-side tagging
  • Why your organization should focus on strengthening first-party data collection strategies

Listen to learn:

  • The advantages of keeping an SEO agency lean and nimble
  • The need to prioritize SEO fundamentals
  • Setting business objectives for redesign projects
  • Making sure your website content is differentiated
  • The difference between an “SEO friendly theme” and “SEO strategy”
Read to learn:
  • What Google Search Console is
  • Why you want to set up your account immediately
  • What data can be found in GSC that’s not in Google Analytics
  • Different ways we’ve helped clients use data to make immediate site improvements

Listen to learn:

  • What it’s like working with content and tech teams at big organizations
  • The importance of understanding constraints before delivering recommendations
  • How to deal with push back against SEO advice
  • The importance of building credibility and finding internal allies
  • How much to worry about SEO news and Google announcements (i.e., the difference between reading about SEO and doing SEO)

Download to learn:

  • Which oversight is the single biggest, costliest mistake that occurs during site relaunches
  • How and why to address SEO issues related to redesigns
  • Where SEO fits into your website project planning
  • Which analytics data points should be informing content decisions
  • Why plugins or software won’t save your site redesign from failing

Learn how to avoid 8 critical SEO mistakes.