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Guide: Critical SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Relaunching Your Site

8 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Redesign and Launch Your New Website Before Reading This White Paper

Redesigning your website is a big undertaking. One which, in theory, will help your organization grow its audience and engagement. But if your project plan doesn’t specifically include SEO strategy, you may be undermining all your hard work.

If your current site is attracting visitors from Google and you didn’t explicitly identify how you’ll mitigate or prevent the loss of your existing organic rankings, you may find that relaunching kills your existing web traffic.

A lot of SEO guides focus on improving rankings with tweaks to an existing site

…this one gives you actionable advice on avoiding catastrophic mistakes when undertaking a relaunch.

What You’ll Learn

Here are a few of the key points covered in this SEO white paper:

  • Which oversight is the single biggest, costliest mistake that occurs during site relaunches
  • How and why to address SEO issues related to redesigns
  • Where SEO fits into your website project planning
  • Which analytics data points should be informing content decisions
  • Why plugins or software won’t save your site redesign from failing

To learn how to avoid 8 critical SEO mistakes, fill out the form below. The guide will be available to download from the next page.