Learn why these editors, web producers, engineers, and agency owners recommend working with Melanie and Orange Spark Digital.

Jim Jacobs

Vice President, Interactive, OmniStudio

Melanie is a highly experienced and effective SEO professional, as well as an insightful online communications strategist. In support of our clients, Melanie helped us realize very strong search engine ranking and listing improvements associated with the redesign and new content strategies we delivered for their websites. Melanie would also provide important marketing advice and we came to regard her as an integral and key member of our Web design team, and benefitted from her involvement. Above and beyond that, she’s a pleasure to work with!

Nicole Eley-Carr

Digital Strategy & Marketing Lead at Ford Foundation

When it comes to Digital Content Strategy… Melanie Phung is your go-to woman! She was a resource to me on SEO and content strategy when I launched a new online channel for Black History & Culture on PBS, and I credit her completely for the strong and steadfast traffic we saw from organic searches for 5 years running.

Melanie is detail oriented and idea-driven! She has a unique understanding of how content is created and consumed on digital platforms. And she sees things through the lens of multiple stakeholders (producers, developers, end users, etc). This fuels her ability to develop analytics-driven strategies that boost site traffic, engagement and give web producers like myself a deeper understanding of how users interact with our content online. She can speak “the language” of any stakeholder and is able to break down complex technical concepts with ease. Not to mention… she’s an SEO genius! If you’re an organization looking for digital content consulting or training, I recommend working with Melanie.

Antti Koskenrouta

WordPress Expert, Mukava LLC

I’ve worked with Melanie on a number of projects and she’s my go-to person for SEO and digital strategy. She’s sharp, has a depth of knowledge about her field and I know I will get sound advice and client-specific solutions.

I admire Melanie’s ability to communicate complex ideas in a way that ensures that all parties (technical and not-so) are on the same page and bought into the strategy. I look forward to continuing to work with Melanie and Orange Spark Digital.

Mark Mobley

Web Producer, PBS SoCal

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Melanie’s hands-on training workshops for PBS station employees and learning from her interactive webinars over the years. Melanie is energetic, creative and professional when she is presenting to both a live and a digital audience.

What sets Melanie apart from other trainers is that she has the ability to take complex subjects like SEO and clearly explain them so people of all experience levels can understand.

Fritz Grabo

Web Developer/Software Engineer

I’ve worked on numerous projects of considerable size with Melanie. A project with Melanie in charge was a project that was well organized and successfully delivered on time. I was really impressed by how quickly and thoroughly Melanie grasped our tech team’s organizational, technical, and content requirements and how she delivered exactly what we needed to keep us speeding through our task list. Best of all, she wasn’t just throwing requirements over the wall but took the time to explain her thoughts and why and how recommendations needed to be implemented. The consequence of that was that our team had a much more holistic understanding of the projects and felt empowered and motivated to come up with ideas and suggestions based on our technical expertise.

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