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We go the extra mile to build long-term relationships and we think that investment is worth it. We think you will, too. Learn why these clients and agency partners recommend working with Melanie and Orange Spark Digital.
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Chantal Rigaud

Web Lead, Global Partnership for Education

We’ve hired Melanie twice to guide us on website projects. The Global Partnership for Education’s web staff is a small team and we needed a content strategy expert to help shepherd us through the various stages of a major website redesign with specific, clear advice and hands-on support. 

The most valuable part of the consulting was ensuring that we weren’t forgetting key pieces of the puzzle, which we most likely would have without Melanie’s help. We’re very happy with how the site strategy turned out and don’t think the relaunch would have happened as smoothly without Melanie’s support.

Christian Lindstrom

Director, WETA Learning Media

WETA runs several prominent national education websites and we pride ourselves on providing authoritative, appealing, and well-organized content to our audience. Recently, when one of our sites began underperforming, we tried lots of different things but were mystified by the lack of growth. Melanie asked a lot of great questions and then dove into a careful technical audit. In short order, she delivered a thoroughly researched report with clear recommendations prioritized by potential impact on traffic. We were able to implement most of her recommendations and saw good effects almost immediately. Since that great experience, we’ve hired Melanie again and again. Not only does she have the necessary expertise, but she’s also all-around great to work with. She always communicates clearly and warmly and welcomes all kinds of questions.

Joshua Willis

Digital Product Manager, WHYY

We [at WHYY] wanted an SEO expert who could not only optimize our site but also teach our team how to approach decisions from an SEO perspective. It was important for us to hire someone who could build our internal capacity to do SEO so that we could continue to grow even after our consultation was over. Enter Melanie. In addition to her considerable expertise in SEO, she brings a positive attitude and an aptitude for collaboration that made it easy for us to build confidence and competence within our organization. Our team not only learned a lot about SEO from Melanie, she went the extra mile to make sure that we understood how to apply this knowledge through hands-on training exercises and suggestions tailored specifically for our content and workflow. She helped us set goals and put us on a path to achieving them.

Scott Johnson

Brand Warrior, CHIEF

I hired Orange Spark Digital to review a small business website and develop new content for us. Melanie identified several technical issues that were causing problems with search engines and helped us fix our code and vastly improve our analytics setup. She then developed a content plan based on data-driven SEO tactics as well as the needs and mindset of our prospective customers — with the ultimate goal of generating more qualified contacts.

What stood out about her approach is that she really listened when we explained the pain points of the business and our customers. She didn’t just follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. The team was professional, responsive, thoughtful, easy to work with, and patient. I would definitely recommend Melanie and Orange Spark Digital and I plan on hiring her again.

Brian Rogel

Vice President, Allegiance Group

I’ve been in the SEO industry for over 14 years and there isn’t a single person I’ve worked with who I trust more on a project than Melanie Phung. In my experience people in the SEO industry tend to fall into one of two categories: people who either excel at overall strategy and client facing roles or people who excel at data analysis and hands-on work. Rarely do you find a person who shines in both capacities. Melanie is one of those rare unicorns who can successfully perform all aspects of SEO.

Through our projects together I’ve seen Melanie perform everything from website audits for large multi-lingual international websites to ongoing content marketing campaigns for medical researchers of nuanced diseases. Melanie’s kind personality, her strong attention to detail, and her ability to consistently achieve results that are above expectations makes her an absolute pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend Melanie for anyone who has technical SEO or ongoing content strategy needs.

Joe Lowe

Director of Digital Communications, American Bird Conservancy

I’ve worked with a number of SEO agencies and consultants and Melanie is head and shoulders above them all. Rather than provide generic, one-size-fits-all advice, Melanie really dug in to understand our organization, our goals, and the competitive landscape we fit within. Her customized recommendations have been spot on, dramatically improving our visibility. In addition, she has a masterful grasp of the interactive space between SEO and web design and has created complementary strategies to maximize the SEO impact of numerous website projects. She brings a sharp, analytical, data-driven, goal-based approach to everything she does and the results have been a game-changer for us.

Mark Mobley

Web Producer, PBS SoCal

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Melanie’s hands-on training workshops for PBS station employees and learning from her interactive webinars over the years. Melanie is energetic, creative and professional when she is presenting to both a live and a digital audience.

What sets Melanie apart from other trainers is that she has the ability to take complex subjects like SEO and clearly explain them so people of all experience levels can understand.

Fritz Grabo

Web Developer/Software Engineer

I’ve worked on numerous projects of considerable size with Melanie. A project with Melanie in charge was a project that was well organized and successfully delivered on time. I was really impressed by how quickly and thoroughly Melanie grasped our tech team’s organizational, technical, and content requirements and how she delivered exactly what we needed to keep us speeding through our task list. Best of all, she wasn’t just throwing requirements over the wall but took the time to explain her thoughts and why and how recommendations needed to be implemented. The consequence of that was that our team had a much more holistic understanding of the projects and felt empowered and motivated to come up with ideas and suggestions based on our technical expertise.